Dumping Unwanted Items is Costly

Via Thrift Stores depend entirely on the contributions of the community to stock our stores. We take pride in reselling quality items at reasonable prices and appreciate the high caliber of most donations given to us. We do have one request, though. Please consider the cost of donating items to us that we cannot accept. Items such as projection TVs, CRT TVs, baby items (other than toys), broken or severely worn furniture, and mattresses cannot be resold at our stores. When they are left at our donation sites, Via of the Lehigh Valley incurs the cost of properly disposing these items. Televisions must be recycled by a specialty recycling company. They often charge by weight, making this especially costly. Mattresses, baby items, and furniture must be thrown away in our dumpsters. Having our dumpsters emptied costs $186 each time. Please take this into consideration when choosing to donate to our organization. Though our entire store is stocked by items that were donated free of cost to us, running our thrift stores has many other operation costs. Every additional expense decreases the amount of money that goes towards Via of the Lehigh Valley and to services we provide to individuals with disabilities in the Lehigh Valley and their families.

For more information on the services Via of Lehigh Valley provides, please click here.

Please click here for information on recycling TVs

Keep an eye out for electronic recycling days in your area!

Some municipalities will accept one bulk item, such as a mattress or couch, per trash pickup. Please contact your borough or trash disposal company for details.