Via Accepts Donations of:

·  Housewares ·  Books ·  Clothing
·  Knick Knacks ·  Children’s Books ·  Kids Clothing & Shoes
 ·  Antiques ·  Collectibles ·  Shoes
·  Kitchen Items ·  Furniture ·  Toys
·  Dishes · Baby Toys ·  Baby Clothing
·  Towels ·  Small Furniture ·  Office Furniture
·  Linens ·  Electronics ·  Small Appliances
·  Bedroom Sets ·  Bedding ·  Blankets
·  Lamps ·  Art  ·  Drapes
·  Decorations ·  Bikes  ·  Sporting Goods

Formal Wear
Bridal Gowns | Cocktail Dresses | Prom Dresses | Tuxedos

Vintage & Collectible Items!
Toys | Games | Memorabilia | Books | Housewares

Via Does Not Accept
Mattresses | Cribs | Car Seats | Tube Televisions Appliances that contain Freon

Your donation to Via Thrift Stores will help to fund Via’s programs for children and adults with disabilities living in the Lehigh Valley.  Your donation may be tax-deductible.  Via Thrift Stores will provide a receipt upon request, or you can download one that meets the IRS written substantiation requirements for donations accepted at Via Thrift Stores.  Visit our Donation Value Guide for more information.

Host a Clothing Drive!
Clothing Drives are a great and easy way for your business, school, church, township or organization to support Via.  Via collects your employees, students or members’ unwanted clothing at your place of business for resale in Via’s Thrift Stores.  The proceeds from Via’s Thrift Stores directly benefit people with disabilities living in the Lehigh Valley.


For more information, to schedule a pick-up for larger items,
or to schedule a clothing drive, contact:  | 610-866-6776