Good Finds

Three Women in a Clothing Store

When you shop at or donate to Via Thrift Store, you are helping children and adults with disabilities.

What can you find at Via Thrift Store? Great value! Value has several meanings. People look for value when they shop, and they want things that are worthwhile at a good price. Via Thrift Store is a value centers in every sense, offering great value to customers while supporting a great cause.

·  Housewares·  Books·  Clothing
·  Knick Knacks·  CDS/VHS/VINYL·  Kids Clothing
 ·  Kitchen Items ·  Furniture·  Shoes
·  Dishes·  Small Furniture ·  Tools
·  Electronics·  Office Furniture·  Toys
 ·  Lamps·  Bedroom Sets·  Linens
·  Small Appliances·  Antiques ·  Towels
·  Decorations ·  Collectibles·  Bedding
·  Art·  Formal Wear·  Drapes
 ·  Sporting Goods ·  Bikes ·  Home Improvement


Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm

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