Good Finds

Three Women in a Clothing Store

When you shop at or donate to the Via Thrift Stores, you are helping children and adults with disabilities.

What can you find at a Via Thrift Store? Great value! Value has several meanings. People look for value when they shop, and they want things that are worthwhile at a good price. Via Thrift Stores are value centers in every sense, offering great value to customers while supporting a great cause.

·  Housewares·  Books·  Clothing
·  Knick Knacks·  CDS/VHS/VINYL·  Kids Clothing
 ·  Kitchen Items ·  Furniture·  Shoes
·  Dishes·  Small Furniture ·  Tools
·  Electronics·  Office Furniture·  Toys
 ·  Lamps·  Bedroom Sets·  Linens
·  Small Appliances·  Antiques ·  Towels
·  Decorations ·  Collectibles·  Bedding
·  Art·  Formal Wear·  Drapes
 ·  Sporting Goods ·  Bikes ·  Home Improvement


Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm

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